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Dress Up

Dress up, Bernadette Doolan, Oil on Canvas, €600
600,00 €


Award-winning Irish artist Bernadette Doolan, living in Wexford, is the winner of the best overall work by a non-Academician, and winner of the Irish News award for depicting Ireland today, in The Royal Ulster Academy annual exhibition. Bernadette was selected for The Ruth Borchard self-portrait Exhibition, the UK’s only public collection of self-portraits by British and Irish artists.


The Ruth Borchard Collection represents the very best of twentieth-century and contemporary self-portraiture. In 2021 Bernadette was invited as a full member of the Society Women Artists, London. Bernadette explores the fragility of identity in the context of childhood through much of her recent work. Her figurative work is the depiction of the human self through the exploration of strength and vulnerabilities.


Her work has been described as having an ‘emotional weight with a psychological intensity that is not necessarily representing the physical, but one’s internal voice.