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Explorers of the Richness of the Phenomenal World

Explorers of the Richness of the Phenomenal World, Helen Roberts, 2021, oil on canvas 25x30cm, €120
120,00 €


My work is concerned with the idea of human interaction with the non-human world from the viewpoint of being an interconnected part of it. My studies in permaculture (which originated as a regenerative way of growing food through learning from the close observation of ecosystems) deepened my interest in the emergent qualities of ecological assemblages - that they evolve and behave in ways that could not have been predicted from the original elements alone.


I think this is also true of the painting process. I aim to create paintings that demonstrate the continual crossing back and forth between a perceived external world and an imagined world, exploring how they continually influence and feed each other.


This interconnection between the human mind and the non-human world provide what Rebecca Tamás describes as “freedom from being stuck in the unbearable feedback loop of the purely human, of our own minds and selves, chatting away in a vacuum.”