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Fine Art Print: Cliffs of Moher Seastack

Kaye Maahs, Cliffs of Moher Seastack, Fine Art Print
200,00 €

 – Fundraising initiative –


The Courthouse Gallery & Studios is delighted to announce the next release of our Fine Art Print commissioning series by Artist Kaye Maahs (www.kayemaahs.com) launching this Friday, 2nd September 2022 at 12 noon on our website and in person at the gallery.


The Fine Art Print series is a specially produced series of artworks commissioned by the gallery and turned into fine art prints by The Copper House, Dublin (www.thecopperhousegallery.com) and their high-quality cruse scanner. The original is also for sale. The artist is paid for producing the original which is also for sale and the gallery turns this into a limited edition of 25 print-run. All costs are covered by the gallery also. 75% of all sales go to the artist.


Follow us on social media for updates and more sneak peeks at the print as we build up to the release and check out our first print, Tantra by Ronnie Hughes in our gallery shop or on display in the reception of the gallery.


Artist statement:

My work is rooted in both the local and the personal. My practice is defined by daily observations and musings. It is the residue of these moments that informs my paintings. Paintings that are never made directly from life, instead they evolve naturally in the quiet moments within the solitude of my studio space. Here the act of recall plays a vital part in my process in enabling me to instil into my paintings the immediacy of experience that I encountered. In a sense, it is the emotional that dictates the visual within my work and my aim is to convey this through the language of paint.








Limited Edition Fine Art Print, Edition of 25

• Upfront Artist Fee – €200, materials and related production costs covered.
• Artist takes 75% of all sales.
• Edition of 25
• Original artwork is scanned by The Cruse Scanner, The Copperhouse, Dublin. www.thecopperhousegallery.com
• Printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Fine Art Paper
• The original is for sale also, please contact the gallery for information.

The Copper House contains the most advanced editioning equipment in Europe including our Cruse Scanner, a rare device, owned by such institutions as the Guggenheim, the V&A Museum and the Vatican Secret Archive. This device produces images far exceeding the results achieved by photography and conventional flatbed scanners.