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Mama Bear

Mama Bear, Suzanne Kearney, Archival fine art print, 12" x 16", €140
140,00 €

I am a nature-based artist with an indigenous heart. My practice involves connecting with the energy of our environment and representing it in a contemporary way. I connect with ancient stone ringforts, native Irish trees and Irish Power Animals. Animals such as wolves and bears may be physically gone from our island but their energy still remains; I want to share their strength, courage, power and integrity in my work.


When I paint I become fully immersed and energised by a nature-art subconscious connection; using quick, loose, free-flowing marks and splashes; using a method of working called Psychic Automatism. Exploring Psychic Automatism in this soulful space would allow me to create energised, invigorating work.